SAFERS will combine numerous dissemination and communication actions to achieve its expected impacts and maximise its societal, scientific and technological repercussions. These actions are targeted to the main stakeholder clusters of the project which are listed below:

Security practitioners

This cluster group is divided into two main sub-groups:

In-field first responders: all the stakeholders at the forefront of the fight against disasters including among others, first responders, civil protection, and civil society organizations. They are key players for the success of SAFERS and we seek to sharing experiences, knowledge and best practices as the in-field first responders are one of the main end-users of the project outcomes.
Commanders/Decision-makers: They are security practitioners working at command centres, knowledge as well as regional and local authorities who support the first responders in fighting against disasters by providing them with essential information related to forest fires prevention, emergency, and restoration actions. They include municipalities, prefectures, local or regional governments, ministries (regional and central), authorities or offices of those governments and finally the central government. Just like the in-field first responders, they are considered as one of the main end-users of the project solutions.


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