SAFERS cross-project peer learning webinars successfully concluded

SAFERS cross-project peer learning webinars successfully concluded

The SAFERS project recently organized two webinars on November 6th and 8th 2023 with the support of Horizon Results Booster in collaboration with other emergency management and wildfire risk projects, namely FIRELOGUE, OVERWATCH, and TREEADS, all funded by the EU. 

The first webinar, held on November 6th, focused on activating citizen participation in wildfire risk management. 

      SAFERS Chatbot for citizens: Showcase and outcomes of field demonstrationsSpeaker: Claudio Rossi (LINKS)

      Role of CP (Portugal) during the wildfire emergency and citizens engagement Speaker: José Alberto de Jesus Borges (CINAMIL)

      Applying justice aspects to wildfire risk-management: A new approach to multi-stakeholder involvement Speakers: Claudia Berchtold (Fraunhofer INT), Jorge Gomez (VOST Portugal), Eduard Plana (CTFC)

      Understanding Stakeholder engagement in wildfire management: Framework, methods & preliminary resultsSpeaker: Diogo VALLIM (Copenhagen Business School)

The second webinar took place online on November 8th to showcase innovations in wildfire risk management while presenting results from EU-funded projects. 

      SAFERS integrated platform and Intelligent ServicesSpeaker: Claudio Rossi (LINKS)

      The role of drone and Augmented Reality technology in emergency management Speakers: Kenneth R Geipel (Robotto), Carina Pamminger (Holo LIght) 

      The Firelogue Tech Mall: disseminating innovative wildfire risk management solutions Speaker: Sofia Economou (EDGE in Earth Observation Sciences)

     Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in integrated wildfire management: A systematic literature reviewSpeaker: Diogo VALLIM (Copenhagen Business School)

Both events aimed to demonstrate project strategies for engaging citizens in wildfire risk management, promote outcomes to various stakeholders, especially citizens, civil society, and NGOs, and present innovative technical results to stakeholders, particularly end-users. Emphasis was also placed on enhancing collaboration and synergies among EU-funded projects.

Both webinars were successful, bringing together interested participants (with more than 100 registrations) and fostering constructive exchanges, strengthening collaboration and synergies in the field of wildfire risk management projects.

To learn more, SAFERS cross-project peer learning webinars are now available on our YouTube channel!  

SAFERS peer learning webinars |Day 1| Activating Citizens Participation in Wildfire Risk Management

SAFERS peer learning webinars |Day 2| Innovations in Wildfire Risk Management









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