Operational early warning

(Early-warning forest fire hazard and risk maps)

This service aims to augment the current operational wildfire early warning services with automated processes and local data fusion and model outputs. It is the integration of the EFFIS data, lightning forecasts, improving spatial resolution, and user provided local data. The service will allow automatic triggering of local services based on high resolution Earth Observation imagery.

Many emergency operators have access to certain levels of information, as already available. This SAFERS service aims to improve the existent information in order to make operations safer and better, by reducing the effects of forest fires.  In particular, this SAFERS intelligent service combines various sets of information from weather forecast; wildfire monitoring; wildfire risk models; automatic Earth Observation (EO) mapping - especially from Copernicus – integrating, as well, local user inputs.

This will allow to support local and regional wildfire stakeholders in reducing the impacts of wildfires based on up-to-date information; improve data and information access at a variety of scales to maximize decision support; and integrate state-of-the-art forecasting, modelling and user inputs into operational early warnings.

Wildfire management phase:
 prevention and preparedness; detection and response.

Integration process for SAFERS “Operational early warning” service
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