SAFERS platform & services

SAFERS is going to create an integrated platform featuring a forest fire Decision Support System. This platform will use information from different sources: earth observations from Copernicus and GEOSS, fire sensors in forests, topographic data, weather forecasts and even crowdsourced data from social media and other apps that can be used by citizens and first responders to provide situational in-field information.  SAFERS platform will include the following services:
Crowdsourcing intelligence for improved EO mapping – SAFERS Social media analysis

This SAFERS intelligent service will provide a 24/7 monitoring service. It is based on an AI-based module capable of gathering information about wildfire events from social media (mainly Twitter) and other news feeds to support event detection, event tracking and real-time content classification for emergency management scenarios.

In detail, it will extract information by citizens and all users of social media, especially from Twitter. The reason why the Twitter platform has been selected is that such platform provides open API to get the data. In fact, here all the data are meant to be public and open.

The main goal of this service is to extract informative content related to forest fire events, selecting and classifying only multimedia information (e.g. text, images, videos), detecting events, and extracting impacts in terms of affected area and exposed elements (e.g. people, infrastructures, etc.).

Wildfire management phase: prevention and preparedness; detection and response.

Example of a map displaying detected events in Europe (image on the left) together with an Example of data intake (batches per min.) for the social module on the subject "wildfires" (image on the right)
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