Susa Valley

The SAFERS demonstration in Italy took place on February 9, 2023, in Piedmont, in the Susa Valley. This is a mountain area in an alpine valley located between the metropolitan area of Turin and the border with France. It is the most populated Piedmont valley (90,000 inhabitants in 39 municipalities) and it hosts important communication infrastructures of fundamental importance: a motorway (the A32), two state roads (SS24 and SS25) and an international railway line. Due to the presence of a valuable natural and cultural heritage, a densely inhabited area, and some road infrastructures of fundamental importance for the communications between Italy and France, the levels of risk linked to forest fires are among the highest in Italy. In October 2017 the management of fires was particularly difficult, and it had put a strain on the entire forest fire fighting system, at local and national levels. For these reasons, Susa Valley is a suitable place to test SAFERS solution.

Organized by CSI with support from various regional organizations, the event tested the beta version of SAFERS services in a controlled environment. This included evaluating the project's dashboard and Intelligent Services (ISs) and involved technical entities, first responders, local authorities, and citizens. The demonstration simulated a significant wildfire scenario from 2017, focusing on response activities and testing various SAFERS tools, including a chatbot and other reporting systems. The feedback from this demonstration highlighted the strengths and areas for improvement in the SAFERS system.

To explore the SAFERS demonstration in action and learn more about this innovative initiative in Corsica, click here to watch the presentation video.

SAFERS 2nd pilot in Piedmont in a video

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