SAFERS Exploitation meeting at the Lavazza Museum in Turin (Italy)

SAFERS Exploitation meeting at the Lavazza Museum in Turin (Italy)

The final exploitation event of SAFERS was held at the Lavazza Museum in Turin on March 4th, 2024. The project coordinator, Claudio Rossi as well as the technology providers of SAFERS presented the project and its integrated platform to several European stakeholders, such as Esri Italia SpA - Esri Inc, Regione Piemonte, Satways Ltd and Ithaca S.r.l..

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During the event, the open access platform was illustrated, and a live demonstration took place to display all of the capabilities of the integrated fire prevention and management system that has been developed over the past three years. SAFERS platform has attracted a lot of interest from both public & private operators. For further impact, SAFERS platform and Intelligent Services will be the subject of a free trial period of one year.
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