SAFERS Geodata Repository

SAFERS developed a Big Data Repository (Data Lake) to manage any kind of data. An importer and mapper were also developed allowing to ingest geospatial data and serving them through Open Geospatial Consortium standards (e.g., WMS, WMTS, etc.). The Big Data repository is based on an open-source component (i.e., CKAN) that can be easily interfaced and connected with existing portals such as GEO and NextGEO, which was built to support the EuroGEO community.  The importer and mapper provide for Application Programming Interfaces-APIs services that facilitate data sharing and management. The main functionalities of the Big Data Repository are:

  • Support of INSPIRE metadata
  • Integration with OAuth2 authorization and authentication system
  • Support of geospatial data
  • Notification on SAFERS messaging system
  • Integration with data cloud storage

Functionalities of SAFERS Geodata Repository

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